As part of our body waxing hair removal service, we use 6 different types of high quality waxes for different type of hair and skin and hard wax that cools and wraps around the hair follicle roots for some more sensitive areas like your face or bikini line. We use only sanitary equipment, gloves, and follow a strict no double dipping policy to ensure a clean and safe wax experience for you.

Our specialists here at Slick Wax Bar are trained and certified to work with hot wax using the latest techniques available. After your waxing, we use essential oils and all natural lotions to help the skin exfoliate and stay smooth. 



  • Ideally, you should have 1/4 inch (.635 cm) of hair in the area you want to wax.

  • Exfoliate and moisturise the skin one day prior to waxing. 

  • During the day of your appointment, soak your skin in a warm bath and drink plenty of water to hydrate.


  • Tell us about any allergies or skin sensitivities prior to the appointment or if this is your first time waxing.

  • If you're especially sensitive, you can try using a numbing cream, breathe and let us know how you feel.

  • Relax and know that you’re in good hands.


  • Moisturise regularly, with a cream containing antiseptic properties such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and witch-hazel, which will also help to alleviate any irritation. 

  • No fake tans, massages, extreme heat treatments, swimming for 12 hours.

  • Try and avoid exercise as getting sweaty could clog the hair follicles.


  • Keep the waxed area clean

  • Do exfoliate on a daily basis.

  • Moisturise to keep skin supple.

  • Do not apply creams or oils before waxing.

  • Don't get waxed if you have a sunburn. 

  • Do not use ice to try to numb the area

  • Avoid heavy exercise after your treatment